Healthcare Interior Design Perth

If you’d like to stand out from competitors with a carefully designed and highly functional clinic that doesn’t compromise on style, MediWest Interiors healthcare interior design service in Perth is your one-stop solution.


Finding the right space can be be a nightmare. There are many variables that need to be considered before signing the lease or purchasing the property.

Check the zoning and the ‘use’ of the property with the agent. If the property in not zoned for medical use, a Development Application will be required to be submitted to the local council for a ‘Change of Use’. Approval can take up to 90 days.

Check the ‘Base Build’ Inclusions of items in the property. eg. floor covering, ceilings, A/C, lighting & electrical – These items being present can have a positive effect on your budget when pricing the fitout.

Check the parking allocation/ availability assigned to the property. This information will help in the event that a ‘change of use’ Development Application is required.

Access for people with disabilities. Ensure that access to the property is available to people with disabilities and mobility restrictions. Modifications & ramping can be carried out for this in the event it is not present, however, added cost can be avoided if not necessary.

Make a ‘wishlist’ of your fitout requirements, How many consult rooms, treatment rooms, waiting area capacity, sterilization requirements, plant room, lunchrooms ect. This helps with space planing and will guide you to the appropriate size of property to look for.

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    Below is an example of what you can expect to fit in various sized floor space. This can be used as a rough guide to aid in estimating the correct property size to look for.  (Section with 3 floor plan examples below)

    120m2 Medical Centre Plan

    1 x blood pathology room – 1 bed (11.5m2)

    3 x consult rooms (9.2m2)

    1x waiting room – 18 person (27m2)

    1 x reception (2 person)

    1 x treatment room – 2 beds (12.2m2)

    1 x kitchenette (6m2)

    1 x toilet washroom

    250m2 Medical Centre Plan

    1 x reception -3 person (24m2)

    1x waiting room – 32 person (54m2)

    8 x consult rooms (10m2)

    1 x blood pathology room – 1 bed (12.0m2)

    1 x treatment room & steri room – 3 beds (20m2)

    1 x kitchenette (8.6m2)

    1 x disabled washroom

    2 x standard washrooms

    390m2 Medical Centre Plan

    1 x blood pathology room – 1 bed (12.0m2)

    12 x consult rooms (12.6m2)

    1x waiting room – 30 person (55m2)

    1 x reception -3 person (20m2)

    2 x treatment room & ster- 2 beds (53.4m2)

    1 x Lunchroom (18.0m2)

    4 x standard washrooms

    1 x disabled washroom

    As a leading industry name for providing professional healthcare interior design in Perth, MediWest understands that a modern, vibrant and practical medical or healthcare clinic is key to improving brand image and increasing patient retention. Whether you’re looking for a complete turn-key interior design and fit-out or simply require a makeover of your existing space, MediWest offers a range of trade-specific and all-inclusive services to improve the interior design of your practice or clinic, including:

    Individual Service Plans

    We provide design assistance for all aspects of your project, Whether you require a partial makeover or a custom floor plan, our industry experts will work with your vision to conceptualise and design a plan that best maximises the space provided, to ensure a highly functional and safe layout.

    Fitted Joinery Plans

    We provide custom furniture schedule and joinery detail drawing packages, whereby there are no requirements to submit plans for building license council approvals. The detailed drawing of custom made joinery and furniture include section drawings, elevation drawings and finishes schedule.

    Complete Design Package

    We will work with your design vision to offer a complete design, construction and project management service. This package is prepared for council submission and consists of a site plan, final floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, building services plan, floor coverings plan and wall detail section plan.

    Site plan

    final floor plan

    reflected ceiling plan

    building services plan

    floor coverings plan

    wall detail section plan